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Super Slim
Super Slim Pomegranate
Super Slim Diet Pills
It was the first time I take diet pills to reduce weight, I was very glad that I received my package soon and have dropped about 5 lbs now! It work wonders currently and I hope it will keep work to reduce another 10 lbs! A++ to your delivery speed and good product!
Hey everyone, I recommend you Super Slim Pomegranate as I do get good effect from it, I have lost my redundant weight within 3 month, and that's 35 pounds! I used to take a lot but no more since I took Super Slim and I have much energy for my work!
Yes, it works! I have much less cravings to foods, my weight stop growing up in the first week and down in the following 2 weeks! Thanks!

- Lari from Miami, FL

Super Slim Pomegranate

 Slimming Capsules

Super Slim Pomegranate is an effective, fast acting appetite suppressant. Only 1 pill is needed for 24 hours!

Super Slim Pomegranate chooses the fruits that have the efficiency of weight loss and facial beautification, which were generally recognized for hundreds of years and combined with the green plants, such as Pomegranate, Koncing Nut, Apple, Kiwi, etc. through the purification and concentration with the modern science and technology, The Super Slim Pomegranate contains fruit extracts that help the human body to consume the internal fat.

Super Slim Pomegranate

 Diet Pills

Concentrate active distill material from Pomegranate which is one of the strongest antioxidant found in nature and Koncing Nut which is called "super fat burning", Super Slim Pomegranate can decompose body fat immediately, fasten fat energy's metabolizing, restrain absorbing fat after food, make you feel lighter since the first day! The Super Slim Pomegranate ™ we offered does not contain harmful hormone or other chemical compounds such as:


Those ingredients have been forbidden by the FDA because they may cause series harmful effects to human body, including high blood pressure, breath difficulties, diarrhea, gastroenteritis, liver function problem, body spasms, tension increase, thinking abnormalities, seizures, interstitial nephritis, menstrual disorders, peripheral edema; Arthritis, itchy skin, amblyopia, and death etc!

Super Slim

Pomegranate ™ is for people aged 18-60
Super Slim Pomegranate ™ is suitable for both male and female.
100% Herbal Ingredients
Pomegranate, Koncing Nut, Apple, Kiwi, Glucomannan (extract of Amorphallus konjac and Jerusalem artichoke), sweet potato cellulose, and HydroxyCitric Acid (HCA, extract of Garcinia Cmabogia).

100% Original
Credited company with the only agent authorization of Super Slim Pomegranate Manufacturer Approved by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards!

Free Shipping
Order 6 or more units offer FREE SHIPPING!

Fast Delivery
3 days to your country!

One per day, Simple Process
Take 1 capsule everyday, you will feel how easy it is to lose weight!

Bidirectional, no rebound
Unique formula can help you lose weight directional, shape your body from leg, belly, buttocks, arm and face where easy to have more fat!

Satisfaction Guarantee
We will refund all of your money if you take it in correct way but there are no results in a month!

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